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After the end of the war, Ukraine should become a member of the EU, – the former head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland

After the end of the war, Ukraine should become a member of the EU, said former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland (2018-2020) Jacek Czaputowych, Interfax-Ukraine agency reports.

“It was a great achievement for Ukraine to reach the status of a candidate for the EU. Now is also the time for EU countries and the Commission to approve an attempt to reform the system. I think we should think about how to help Ukraine better prepare the country for future membership. I believe that after the completion after the war, Ukraine should become a member of the EU. This is the policy of Poland and other countries in the region,” said Czaputovych at a briefing following the visit of the delegations of Poland and Lithuania on Thursday in Kyiv.

He noted that after negotiations with the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Community and Territorial Development of Ukraine, he was convinced that the Ukrainian political class is mobilizing to prepare the country for negotiations with the EU.

Linas Linkevičius, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania (2012-2020), noted that everyone approves of providing Ukraine with HIMARS multiple-launch rocket systems, but now we are talking about long-range MLRS, for example 250 km, 300 km.

“This may be sensitive for some suppliers. But it is important to really change the rules of the game in the military industry. We will come back with these messages and try to prove to colleagues that this is very important for Ukraine and for the overall outcome of this war.” – stressed Linkevičius.

In turn, the head of the Warsaw Security Forum, Katarzyna Pysarska, emphasized that Ukraine needs urgent military aid to win the war with the Russian Federation.

“We are going back to Warsaw with a very clear signal – Ukraine needs support, and it needs it now. It needs urgent military help to win the war. We have weeks, not months, to drive the Russians out of Ukraine. Ukraine needs financial support, especially on the eve of winter, support in providing energy,” Pisarska noted.

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