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An English-language repository of the truth about the war #WeAreUkraine has been launched in Ukraine

A repository of the truth about the war and the power of Ukraine – #WeAreUkraine – has been launched in Ukraine.

The goal is to give understanding to people all over the world: today the future of humanity is being decided in Ukraine, CASES platform reports.

The project was created by the team of the consulting group One Philosophy and the IT company Empat with the support of volunteers.

“Ukraine today is a shield of freedom for the whole world, which in our person was attacked by Russia. Russia is not just brutally taking away the chance for a peaceful life or democracy, it is denying our right to exist. Therefore, every action of every person and organization is important in this war. When we broadcast the truth and our position together, we are an impenetrable wall of shields that can protect not only Ukraine and Europe, but also finally create the conditions for a truly lasting peace in the 21st century, ”said Natalia Popovych, founder of One Philosophy. became the initiator of the project.

The repository contains key facts of the Russian-Ukrainian war, world support for Ukraine, opinions of Ukrainian and international opinion leaders, views on Ukrainian viability, economy, culture, history and current calls for action with reference only to verified sources of information.

“As Russia invades Ukraine on a shaky foundation of reinterpretation of historical facts and multiple lies, #WeAreUkraine will continue to spread the truth about what is happening in Ukraine and its context in order to mobilize the world community around our common cause – a secure future,” he said. project team.

The project is conducted in English. The portal uses information from official state web resources, information sources, the ukraine.ua website, the Ukrainian Institute, the Ukraine WOW exhibition, the 30ua.info project, the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center, etc.

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