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Banks returned less than 7% of the 13.5 billion rubles stolen by fraudsters from Russians – The Moscow Times

In 2021, fraudsters stole 13.5 billion rubles from clients of Russian banks. Of these, banks managed to return only 920.5 million rubles – about 6.8% of this amount, writes RBC. Individuals lost 12.1 billion rubles during this period. The remaining 1.4 billion rubles were stolen from companies.

The amount of returned funds falls for the second year in a row against the backdrop of an increase in theft, according to the Central Bank. In 2020, 11.3% of the money stolen by fraudsters was returned to customers – this is 1.1 billion rubles. In 2019 – 14.6%, or 935.9 million rubles.

In 2021, the number and volume of transfers to intruders grew by more than a third (by 33.8% and 38.8%, respectively). The regulator explains the growth of such transfers by the development of online payment services.

As explained in the Central Bank, the most common method of fraud remains “social engineering”, when a person is forced to transfer funds or disclose data by deception. Most often, scammers present themselves as bank or police security officers, as well as representatives of the Bank of Russia.

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