Homerussia ukraine newsFaberge egg found on billionaire Kerimov's arrested yacht - The Moscow Times

Faberge egg found on billionaire Kerimov’s arrested yacht – The Moscow Times

The American authorities found an egg by Carl Faberge on board the arrested yacht of the Russian oligarch. Deputy Attorney General of the United States Lisa Monaco spoke about the find. According to The Guardian, she did not disclose the name of the billionaire who fell under the sanctions, but we are talking about the Amadea yacht that arrived from Fiji, which the media associates with Senator Suleiman Kerimov.

A $300 million yacht called Amadea was delivered by US law enforcement from Fiji to San Diego in late June. The authorities of the republic detained the ship on April 14 after it “entered the exclusive economic zone of Fiji without proper permission from the authorities.” The US Department of Justice sent a warrant to the Fiji authorities, after which the yacht was arrested. She was sent to the USA after a lawsuit over who exactly she belongs to.

Monaco said that if the jeweled egg is found to be authentic, it will be one of the few remaining in the world and will be valued at millions of dollars. The official noted that she supports the idea of ​​confiscation of profits from seized assets, possibly to send aid to Ukraine. The US Congress has already been asked for the authority to do so.

Eggs made by the jeweler Carl Faberge are associated with his most famous customer – the Russian imperial house. In 1885, Emperor Alexander III commissioned the jeweler to make one of them as a gift to his wife Maria. This became a tradition for the next three decades. Faberge created only 50 eggs for the imperial family, and not all of them have survived to this day.

Western authorities have seized at least 13 luxury yachts worth £2bn since the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. All of them were related to the oligarchs from the environment of President Vladimir Putin. The total value of the frozen property of businessmen amounted to at least 10 billion euros.

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