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How to protect yourself from shelling. Practical advice from Israel

What to do in case of shelling

Where to hide during the shelling, which places are suitable for shelter, and which are dangerous – users of social networks from Israel share advice with Ukrainians. They were collected by journalists of BBC News Ukraine.

If the shelling caught you indoors

We go to rooms without windows, if there are none in the apartment – stay away from windows and any glazed objects. In any case, stay closer to the load-bearing walls.

You need to sit on the floor near the wall, the lower the person – the less chance of getting into it debris. Windows can be “strengthened” with sofa pillows or closed with heavy furniture and things.

If you live in a private house and hide in a loess, leave a large poster in a prominent place with the inscription that you are there during the shelling. Also indicate where the cellar is located. There is a danger that the basement may collapse during the shelling.

Where are the safest places in the house during an air threat

At the first signs of collapse, get up in the doorway and rest your hands on the jambs or lie down next to a table or bed, covering his head with his hands.

If the apartment is on the upper floors – go to the stairwell and go down several floors to get closer access to the street. Under no circumstances should the elevator be used.

Prepare a bag for the exit in advance and put it at the door. In the bag you need to put drinking water, food that does not flow and does not spoil (snacks, bars, some fruit), flashlights, chargers, documents, a set of necessary medicines, keys to the apartment and car.

Grab your children’s favorite toys and books.

Clothes and shoes

Streetwear should also be ready at the entrance. There is no time to change clothes, so we get into what we were.

“Israeli life hack,” says user Seville Veliyeva in her post, “during the shelling, go to bed in comfortable warm clothes, such as a sports suit.”

“Shoes should be as comfortable as possible, without heels and laces. Principle: jump and run.


Of course, we take them with us. We think in advance how to keep them within reach at night, so as not to waste time searching for a frightened animal during the shelling. You can leave your pet to sleep in your room or put on a collar in the evening or put in a carrier.

If the shelling was found on the street

If the shelling started when you were on the street, it was important to lie down as soon as possible. First, when the projectile flies, you hear a whistling (or rustling), then immediately an explosion.

As soon as you hear the explosion – fall to the ground. We find any wall-shelter: concrete block, wall. The greatest danger during shelling is debris, because the lower you are to the ground – the safer.

How exactly do we go to bed: kneel down, head down, hands cover the back of the head, cover the children as much as possible. We do not raise our heads and do not move unnecessarily.

If you are in a car

We stop and completely shut down the engine, get out of the car and lie down on the ground as described above, using the car as a shelter.

During emergencies, we do not turn on the music in the car, and open the windows to immediately hear the siren or explosions.

Air alarms in Ukraine are currently reported by city state administrations on their social networks, and in Kyiv it is also an application “Digital Kyiv”.

It is important – after the air alarm for at least 10 minutes do not leave the shelter or continue to move and stay in the same position if you are outdoors.

Where to hide

It is safest to hide in a bomb shelter, because there is ventilation, a strong ceiling and several exits, unlike basements. Also suitable for sheltering subways, underpasses, trenches, manholes in garages or service stations, but only those that have air access.

Entrances, high-rise buildings, cluttered basements are not suitable for shelter during the shelling – all this can collapse during the bombing.

Also, do not hide under cars, buses, under the walls of shops or offices. Glass will fly from above due to the blast wave. Do not hide among any containers, boxes, building materials – they can ignite.

General tips

When the sirens start, try not to panic, especially with children.

Chat with neighbors and strangers. Danger brings people together, helping other people gives some sense of control.

It is worth finding a few families from the next house and agreeing on mutual help, so that there is a spare bridgehead if something happens to your house.

Routine helps to create a sense of stability. Because of “I do not want” we need to do what is in our area of ​​control: cleaning the house, self-care, classes with children.


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