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In case of occupation of Severodonetsk people in “Azot” bomb shelters will become hostages, – Gaidai

In the event of the occupation of Severodonetsk, people hiding from shelling in the bomb shelters of the Azot plant will become hostages of Russian invaders, the Ukrainian military does not rule out the possibility of retreating to new more fortified positions, said the head of the Luhansk military administration Sergei Gaidai.

According to Interfax-Ukraine.

“In case of occupation of Severodonetsk, people hiding in the shelters of” Nitrogen “will become hostages of racists. Access will be only to the occupied part of Luhansk region,” Gaidai wrote on Facebook.

He stressed that the enemy had given up all its forces to occupy the entire Luhansk region in the near future, and fighting was continuing in all directions.

“Many defensive structures have already been destroyed in the Severodonetsk industrial zone, and we do not rule out the possibility of retreating to new, more fortified positions,” he added.

In addition, Gaidai said that in the recently occupied territories, Russian invaders have already begun the so-called “filtering”.

“Activists and people involved in military affairs are also being hunted, and relatives of such categories of people are also in sight. Men are forced to go to war against Ukraine, that is, they are used as ‘cannon fodder,'” the OVA chief wrote.

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