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ISW: crypto-mobilization of the economy is underway in Russia – The Moscow Times

The Russian authorities have begun to transfer the country’s industry to “military rails”, but they do it covertly. Analysts at the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) came to this conclusion.

The Kremlin is likely creating the conditions for the crypto-mobilization of the Russian economy in preparation for a protracted war in Ukraine.

The institute drew attention to a bill recently prepared by the government and submitted to the State Duma, which allows officials to force businesses to fulfill government orders for “counter-terrorism and other operations” outside of Russia. No company can refuse this.

The federal authorities will be able to change employment contracts and working conditions at enterprises that produce the necessary products for the Ministry of Defense, the Federal Security Service, the Russian Guard and the Ministry of Emergencies. For example, workers may be forced to work overtime, on weekends or at night.

Moscow’s current decisions speak of a limited transition to a mobilization economy – there is no large-scale mobilization of labor yet, the ISW added.

Hidden mobilization in state structures began in April. Then state-owned companies and enterprises across the country began to recruit employees for mobilization training and work in wartime.

In parallel, these same organizations compiled lists of valuable male workers “booked” in case of general military mobilization. The state should not take these people to war.

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