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Journalists Confirm Authenticity of Video of Wounded Russian Soldiers Murdered in Ukraine – The Moscow Times

Journalists from The New York Times reported on the authenticity of a video in which the Ukrainian military kill wounded Russian soldiers near Kiev.

The newspaper writes that, presumably, the video was filmed on March 30 on the road near the village of Dmitrovka in the Kiev region, which is located near the town of Bucha.

The footage shows how men with machine guns finish off a wounded man in camouflage lying in blood on the road. Next to him are several bodies, also in pools of fresh blood. One of the victims was shot in the head, had a white bandage on his sleeve, his hands were tied behind his back. According to the dialogues of the shooters, it becomes clear that the dead are Russian soldiers.

The New York Times suggested that the heroes of the video were the Ukrainian military because of the blue armbands, stripes with the Ukrainian flag and the phrase “Glory to Ukraine”.

On the video, its author says: “Georgians! Belgravia, boys! (we are talking about the Belgravia residential complex). According to the UNIAN agency, these are fighters of the “Georgian Legion” who are fighting on the side of Ukraine. One of them is Teimuraz Khizanishvili, former bodyguard of ex-President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili.

After the video was published, the commander of the Georgian Legion, Mamuka Mamulashvili, stated that his unit would not take Kadyrov’s and Russian soldiers prisoner. “Yes, we tie their hands and feet. I’m talking now about Russian soldiers. We will not take them prisoner,” he said.

The UN called for a thorough investigation into the killings of captured Russian fighters and other reports of human rights violations in Ukraine.

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