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More and more houses in the Kherson region are becoming uninhabitable due to shelling

Photo from the Facebook page of the Operational Command “South”

The situation in the de-occupied settlements is still not calm. The enemy continues to shell the village and the villages of Osokorivka and Trudolyubivka, Ukrainian South reports. The group “News of Novovorontsov Region” reported on the situation in settlements:

At night (on the night of July 26 – ed.) there were flights to the village. Heavy arrivals. To understand, the fragments scattered within a radius of up to 700 meters from the epicenter of the projectile detonation. New damages appeared in private houses. Some of them have become unfit for habitation at all.

According to available information, Sunday’s shelling with cluster shells was carried out approximately from the left bank.

Currently, our territory is being shelled chaotically.

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