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Prime Minister of Moldova announced the threat of Russian invasion – The Moscow Times in Russian

The premier expressed concern that Russian troops “are on the territory of separatist Transnistria” and warned that other countries should also be concerned about Putin’s ambitions.

“If a country can start a war for the sake of annexing territories without regard to international law, then in this sense no one is safe,” says Natalia Gavrilitsa.

Chisinau has publicly condemned Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Moldova has taken in hundreds of thousands of refugees since the start of the Russian invasion. “We had to deal with a huge influx of refugees very quickly,” Gavrilita said, adding that a recent poll showed that a large majority of Moldovans were ready to accept even more displaced people.

The EU summit at the end of June approved the status of EU candidate countries for Moldova and Ukraine. Since 2009, both countries have participated in the Eastern Partnership program along with Georgia, Belarus, Azerbaijan and Armenia.

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