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Russia and Iran agree to supply aircraft equipment and maintenance – The Moscow Times

Moscow and Tehran have signed an agreement under which Iran will start supplying aircraft parts and equipment of its own production to Russia, as well as servicing Russian aircraft. This is reported by the Mehr agency with reference to the Civil Aviation Authority of Iran.

Also during the meeting, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed, according to which the number of flights between the countries will be increased to 35 per week. Also, the airlines of the two countries were allowed to operate cargo flights without capacity restrictions. From the Russian side, the document was signed by the Deputy Minister of Transport, whose name Mehr does not name, from the Iranian side, by the head of the Civil Aviation Organization, Mohammad Mohammadi-Bakhsh.

The invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine led to the fact that the European Union and the United States imposed sanctions against the aviation industry. He ordered Russian carriers to terminate leasing contracts by the end of March and return the ships to their owners. However, the Russian authorities decided not to hand over the planes, and the planes were either arrested abroad. or were left without spare parts and the possibility of service in Russia.

Right now, direct flights to most countries of the world are not available to Russians: you can go on a direct flight only to 19 states. However, airlines warn of the risks of facing lawsuits even in countries that are considered “friendly”.

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