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Russian Foreign Ministry: Russians are trying to close flights to Turkey – The Moscow Times

Western countries want to disrupt Russian-Turkish air traffic with the help of sanctions, Yury Pilipson, director of the fourth European department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, told TASS. The relevant departments of the two countries are working intensively to eliminate any risks and inconveniences.

He noted that, despite the “tough external pressure”, Turkey continues to cooperate with Russia in the field of tourism.

“Of course, this also applies to tourism, which remains one of the most significant and noticeable areas in bilateral affairs,” continued the representative of the Foreign Ministry.

On June 9, the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) announced that due to the lack of flights in Antalya, the tourist flow from Russia will drop by 45% this year compared to the pre-pandemic 2019 and will amount to 2.9-3 million Russians.

ATOR also reported that in the first week of June this year, 452 flights arrived from Russia to Antalya, while even in June 2021, with its restrictions due to COVID-19, the number of flights per day (not per week) reached 160.

You can fly to Turkey only from 17 cities in Russia, in 2019 there were 46 of them.

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