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Stoltenberg said NATO would support Ukraine until a complete victory over Russia

The North Atlantic Alliance assumes that Russia’s war against Ukraine will not end quickly, but Ukraine will win, and NATO will help.

This was stated by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in an interview with the German newspaper Welt, Ukrinform reports.

According to its leader, NATO is determined to help Ukraine while Putin is at war, “even if it takes months or years.” At the same time, he wants to “do everything” so that the conflict does not spread.

In the coming days, according to Stoltenberg, “we can expect and must prepare for the Russian offensive and even greater brutality, even greater difficulties and even greater destruction of critical infrastructure and residential areas.” According to him, the current Russian offensive in eastern Ukraine has not yet gained momentum, as Ukrainian troops are defending themselves.

“We see a stark contrast between Russian and Ukrainian forces: Ukrainian troops are brave and know what they are fighting for. Russian troops are suffering from poor leadership, low morale and many do not know what they are fighting for, “said the NATO Secretary General.

Stoltenberg sees his main task as preventing a large-scale war so that the war does not spread from Ukraine onwards, and to minimize the risk through deterrence and collective defense.

According to its leader, NATO “is not consciously a party to the war.” At the same time, the Alliance is increasing troops and equipment on its eastern flank to protect its members. In his opinion, Germany plays a leading role in this.

Commenting on Moscow’s nuclear threats, Stoltenberg said: “We hear the threatening nuclear rhetoric of the Russian leadership. This is irresponsible and reckless. Nuclear war cannot be won and should never be fought, including in Russia. “

He stressed that since the beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine on February 24, NATO has not noticed any changes in Russia’s nuclear strategy. Therefore, there are no indications of a higher level of readiness of the Russian nuclear arsenal in the Alliance, said the Secretary General.

Stoltenberg stressed that “Ukraine must win this war because it is defending its country. NATO members will never agree to the illegal annexation of Crimea. We have also always opposed Russian control over parts of Donbass in eastern Ukraine. “

As for peace agreements, the decision must be made by Ukraine itself, the Alliance leader concluded.

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