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The humanitarian headquarters has started working in Lviv

Volunteers distribute humanitarian aid collected and delivered by Lviv residents and NGOs. The humanitarian headquarters operates in the premises of the municipal institution of the Lviv Regional Council “Palace of Arts” (17 Kopernyka Street). The work of the headquarters is coordinated by the regional military administration.

The Facebook page of the newly created organization states that today there is a need for basic necessities for those who come to Lviv region. On the ground floor of the Palace of Arts there is also a collection point for humanitarian aid for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, where individual first aid kits are formed.

Volunteers also collect the necessary for the territorial defense forces – bulletproof vests, helmets, turnstiles, walkie-talkies, flashlights, stretchers, folding beds, bandages, hemostatic agents, medical equipment and more.

You can find out exactly what needs to be delivered to the humanitarian headquarters by calling 096 000 00 44 and 098 941 62. Employees of the regional council and volunteers are constantly in touch.

The volunteer center at the Maria Zankovetska Theater also continues to work, helping refugees, soldiers and doctors. Volunteers work every day from 10:00 to 19:00.

A shelter for refugees is being prepared in the Church of St. Lazarus (27 Kopernyka Street). Dmytro Katsal, the head of the Dudaryk choral school, said in a post on social networks: “We are equipping. Dudarik Choral School. “Dudarik FOREVER” in action. Saint Lazarus seemed to be waiting for this. ” Dmytro Katsal also made a list of necessary things, including mattresses, blankets, pillows, and disposable tableware. You can learn more about what you need from the commandant – Yarema Korduba, 0682274324.

Lviv restaurants began to prepare food for refugees and migrants from the East. In particular, World central kitchen and renowned chef Jose Andres in partnership with Restaron plan to provide free food to 1,000 people a day. “I am grateful to Jose Andres for his help in such a difficult time for Ukraine,” said Vado Arzumanyan, owner of several food establishments in Lviv. I would like to thank my Polish colleagues for their help.

Meanwhile, the deputy mayor of Lviv Andriy Moskalenko reports that the managers of some hotels have raised the price for rooms to sky-high and even announces that these are hotels. “Unfortunately,” says Andriy Moskalenko. And promises to monitor the situation.

Also from the news in Lviv is that from today, February 28, the sale of alcohol in stores and catering establishments is prohibited – from 18:00 to 12:00. The relevant order was signed by Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovy.

“I pay special attention to entrepreneurs and retail chains – in a state of war, the maximum concentration and concentration of everyone is important. Already signed the relevant order. Therefore, I ask you to strictly adhere to it. Why don’t we ban it completely? There is a risk that in this case the shadow market will work, which we will not be able to control. Security is a top priority. Together we will win, “the mayor said.

In general, the situation in Lviv is calm. The sirens did not sound today. There are no queues at banks, ATMs, grocery stores and pharmacies.

There are no detergents on the shelves. They promise to deliver. No flour and rice – promise to deliver. Little on the shelves of sugar and buckwheat. Few sausages and cheeses. Almost empty shelves with cookies.

There are few customers in the shops, but almost all of them leave the shops with bags full of them. Vlaskor “The Day” saw it with her own eyes. War.

Tetyana KOZYREVA, The Day, Lviv

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