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US Considers Transferring Cold War Attack Aircraft Fleet to Ukraine – The Moscow Times

In the United States, they are discussing the idea of ​​transferring to Ukraine A-10 ground attack fleet Warthog. They were developed during the Cold War to destroy Soviet tanks and artillery, which are now actively used by the Russian army in Ukraine.writes The New York Times.

The newspaper notes that such a move “would kill two birds with one stone”: Kyiv would have more aircraft to confront Russia, and the United States would finally be able to get rid of these attack aircraft and spend money not on their maintenance, but on new ones. multipurposeThese are aircraft that are more suitable for future military conflicts, for example, with China, according to the Pentagon.

At the same time, while Congress The United States has been stubbornly allocating funds for many years to maintenance and modernization of the A-10 fleet and does not allow the US military to write them off.

The initiative to transfer attack aircraft to Ukraine has not yet been approved by anyone, but it has a chance of success, since lawmakers in Washington have already proposed to train the Ukrainian military to fly American aircraft, the newspaper notes.

Previously mUS Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall has repeatedly spoken about the possible transfer of the A-10 fleet to Kyiv. The chief of staff of the US Air Force, General Charles Brown, admitted that Ukraine could receive combat aircraft from the Americans without specifying the series.

U.S. officials have so far opposed providing aviation to the Ukrainian army, believing that this will provoke a strong backlash from the Kremlin, which may see this move as an increase in U.S. involvement in the war.

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