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Suspense on the schedule of IPL 2024, auction will be held on this date

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IPL 2024 Schedule: The IPL 2024 season is still far away. Before this the Indian team has to play a lot of matches. But recently, when all the 10 teams released the retain and release list of their respective players, the atmosphere was once again created. The teams have announced the names of those players who will play for their own team in next year’s IPL. But now the question is when will the complete schedule of IPL come and when will it be released by BCCI. A new latest update has come regarding this.

IPL 2024 schedule likely to come after announcement of Lok Sabha election 2024 dates

IPL is likely to start from the end of March next year. Lok Sabha elections will be held across the country only next year, meanwhile a PTI report says that the complete schedule of IPL will be released only after the Election Commission announces the election dates. It has also been said in the report that whether the entire IPL will be held in India or some part of it will be held abroad, the decision will be taken only after the election dates. Actually, IPL happens every year, but Lok Sabha elections are held after five years. In such a situation, the IPL Governing Council does not want the IPL schedule and election dates to clash with each other. Therefore this decision has been taken. Earlier in the year 2009, due to elections, the entire IPL was held outside the country, whereas in the year 2014, half of the IPL was held in India, but some matches were also played outside. Lok Sabha elections and IPL are to be held almost simultaneously. Therefore, with the announcement of dates, it will be known when and where the elections are to be held, only after that the schedule will be released accordingly.

IPL 2024 auction will be held in Dubai on December 19

Meanwhile, after the retention of IPL, the last date for registration of players has also passed. It is learned that 30th November is the last date for registration. It is believed that about 700 players from all over the world are giving their names for about 70 spots. After this, the names of the players will be sent to the teams by BCCI and IPL Governing Council. After that the shortlist will be released. In the news coming so far, it is being said that the auction for IPL will be held on 19th December. It has also been learned that this will be the first time that an auction will be held outside the country in Dubai. Currently, confirmation on this is awaited from BCCI. Therefore, the auction will happen now, but you will have to wait for a few more days for the complete schedule of IPL.

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