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What is Boxing Day Test match in cricket? After all, why does it start from 26th December?

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India vs South Africa match

In the game of cricket, you must have often heard the name of Boxing Day Test match. If you have been following cricket for a long time, then you must have heard about this term, Boxing Day Test Match. This is a test match which cricket fans of Australia, South Africa and New Zealand are very eager to watch. But what does the Boxing Day Test mean? And when is it played? Let us tell you about it.

boxing day test match

Every year the Boxing Day Test match takes place on 26 December after Christmas Day. Teams like Australia, South Africa and New Zealand schedule test matches with other teams in their respective countries. These matches attract many fans to the stadium and also get good viewership on TV. Additionally, these tests also coincide with the summer season from December to February. Actually, at this time summer starts in Australia, South Africa and New Zealand.

How did the match get its name?

The term ‘Boxing Day’ is related to the Christmas festival. Usually people send gifts to their loved ones on Christmas day and they are opened the next day and thus the word became associated with cricket. This is why these matches start the day after Christmas. This time this special test match of Boxing Day will be played between India-South Africa and Australia-Pakistan. During this time, both the teams also have a great opportunity to create history. Actually, Team India has never defeated South Africa in a Test series at their home. Same is the condition of Pakistan. They too have not won a Test series in Australia till date. In such a situation, both the Asian countries have a chance to create history.

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