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You can’t even imagine how much these 6 Messi jerseys would be sold for, were worn in the World Cup 2022

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Lionel Messi Jersey

Every day in the world of sports we hear that things related to players are auctioned. People spend crores of rupees for these things related to players. Meanwhile, an item related to the great football player Messi was also auctioned for crores of rupees. Now you must be wondering what is that thing for which people are ready to spend crores of rupees, then let us tell you that Messi’s jersey has been auctioned for crores of rupees.

Messi’s jersey sold for crores

Six jerseys worn by Argentina’s legendary footballer Lionel Messi during the FIFA World Cup played in Qatar last year have been auctioned. All these jerseys were sold in the auction for 78 lakh dollars. The auctioning organization Sotheby’s announced this. Sotheby’s said that Messi wore these shirts in the first leg matches of the FIFA World Cup played in Qatar in 2022. This year, this item was sold at the highest price in the auction of sports related items. If 78 lakh dollars are converted into Indian rupees, it is approximately Rs 64 crores. That means the price of one of his jerseys has been estimated at around Rs 10.5 crore.

Argentina became world champion by defeating France in the final

Argentina won its third title by defeating France in the penalty shootout in the World Cup final. In the final match, both the teams were tied at 3-3 till the scheduled time, after which penalty shootout was resorted to. No information has been given about the winning bidders for these Messi shirts. Recently, Indian cricket team captain MS Dhoni’s bat for the World Cup 2011 final was also in the news. His bat was purchased for lakhs of rupees in the year 2011 itself. Today his bat is worth crores of rupees.

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