Anyone can play like me but not like him Dhoni told whom is better than himself

New Delhi. MS Dhoni, who made Team India a two-time world champion, wanted to play like a legend since childhood. Trying to learn cricket by watching him. After some time, Dhoni realized that his attempt was wrong. What is that, no player can become like this legendary cricketer. However, later on, it was Dhoni who fulfilled the biggest wish of this great player.

Former captain of Team India MS Dhoni said in the interview that I do not believe that I am a legend. Legend means any field, whether it is Bollywood, cricket, business, banking or education etc. If a person has spent a good amount of time in that field then he can be a legend. Dhoni said that I think my strength is not that I am a legend. My strength is that my connection with common people is very good and good.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni said, people feel that I have risen from among them. Everyone plays the way I play. Mahi said that if we talk about Sachin paaji, then whoever sees him says right here that we cannot play like Tendulkar. When I play, people say, we also play like this. Like Dhoni, we also hit fours and sixes in our street and ground.

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Dhoni said that as common people play, I also play in the same way. I hit the ball everywhere. Just like the hidden player in Commonman. This is my biggest strength that I am not a legend, I am a cricketer of common people. Please tell that Sachin Tendulkar wanted Team India to win the ODI World Cup. Sachin played the World Cup 6 times from 1992 to 2011. However, his dream was fulfilled only in 2011 under the captaincy of MS Dhoni.

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