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BCCI created A+ category for umpires, these veterans got a place; Know who will get how much fee

Indian Umpires Categories: BCCI has created a new category A+ for Indian umpires. The 10 best umpires of the country have been included in this category. Umpire Nitin Menon, who is included in the elite panel of ICC, has also been kept in this new category. Apart from this category, there are also four other categories of umpires in the country. In these, 20 umpires have been included in Group-A, 60 in Group-B, 46 in Group-C and 11 in Group-D.

The list of all these groups was presented in front of the council meeting of BCCI on Thursday. Former international umpires K Hariharan, Sudhir Asnani and Amiesh Saheba along with members of the BCCI Umpires Sub Committee prepared this list. Apart from Nitin Menon in the A+ category of Indian umpires, Rohan Pandit, Nikhil Patwardhan, Sadashiv Iyer, Ulhas Gandhe, Anil Choudhary, Madangopal Jayaraman, Virender Kumar Sharma, RKN Ananthapadmabhanan and Navdeep Singh Sidhu have been included.

A BCCI official has said, ‘A+ new group has been formed. India’s top umpires have been included in the A+ and A categories. There are good umpires in B and C category too. In view of their performance in the 2021-22 season, groups have been formed. When domestic tournaments are played, priority will be given according to the group. Let us tell you that umpires of A category are given 40 thousand rupees for a day in first class matches. The same fee will remain for A+ category umpires. Apart from this, umpires of B and C category get 30 thousand rupees for a day.

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