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Breaking the security cordon to meet Rohit was costly for the fan, fined lakhs

T20 World Cup 2022: Team India played the last match of Super-12 against Zimbabwe today. In this match, the Indian team won a big victory by 71 runs. This match was played at Melbourne Cricket Ground. After this match, it was also clear that on Thursday, November 10, the Indian team would play a semi-final match against England. In the match played against Zimbabwe, such an incident happened, which surprised everyone. Actually, a child entered the ground to meet Rohit Sharma in the middle of the match. For this act of the child, a fine of lakhs of rupees was imposed on him.

A fine of about 6 lakhs was imposed on the child

It is being told that the child was a fan of Rohit Sharma. The child broke the security cordon of the ground to meet Rohit Sharma and came straight to the ground in the middle of the match. However, the child could not get along well with Rohit Sharma due to the match. It became a big problem for the child to cross the security cordon. According to media reports, the child has been fined about 11 thousand 95 dollars (about 6.50 lakhs) for this act. It was also told that the amount of the fine was also shown on the big score board of the ground.

video that went viral

This video of the child is becoming fiercely viral on social media. In this video going viral, it can be clearly seen that after meeting Rohit Sharma, the child became emotional. It can be seen in the video that the child had tears in his eyes. It is also clearly visible in the video that as soon as the security personnel start taking the child out, Rohit Sharma is seen saying something to the security personnel.

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