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Controversy over T20 World Cup 2022, everyone from Kohli to Shakib came under wraps


There have been many controversies during the ICC T20 World Cup 2022 so far
Pakistan team raised questions about Virat Kohli’s free hit
Bangladesh team objected to Shakib Al Hasan being given out

New Delhi. All the group matches of the ICC T20 World Cup being played in Australia are over. The names of the four teams playing in the semi-finals have been revealed. When the title of the World Cup is at stake, the excitement is at its peak, in such a situation controversies are also seen. There were many controversies during this tournament as well, from Indian team star Virat Kohli to Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan. There were some controversies associated with the matches of the Indian team from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe.

Controversy in Zimbabwe vs South Africa match

The match played between Zimbabwe and South Africa in Super 12 got washed out due to rain. After reaching close to victory in this match, the Proteas team was forced to distribute the points. Zimbabwe coach Dave Houghton was accused of deliberately delaying the match. Responding to this, he said that the match was not in a fit condition to play. The ground was wet and the players were at risk of injury, which is why the delay was made.

Controversy over Shakib Al Hasan’s LBW

The thrill was at its peak in the match between Pakistan and Bangladesh, who were in the battle to reach the semi-finals from Super 12. South Africa’s team suffered an upset against the Netherlands and Pakistan and Bangladesh, who were almost out of the tournament, opened their doors. In the match, the third umpire gave LBW to Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan, he was embroiled in controversies. In replays, the ball was seen hitting the bat but still he was declared out.

Pakistan’s journalist Sadiq tweeted

In this way, Shakib was criticized everywhere. A Pakistani journalist expressed this on social media and wrote that the third umpire made a mistake.

Former Indian opener Aakash Chopra’s tweet

Former Indian opener Aakash Chopra also gave his reaction on social media regarding this controversy.

Controversial statement of Bangladesh captain

Before going into the T20 World Cup Super 12 match against India, Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan made a statement that surprised everyone. In fact, while talking to the media, Shakib said that he has not come here to win this T20 World Cup. His team will try to make a comeback by beating India. India is a contender to win the T20 World Cup and they have come here to win this tournament.

The team of Bangladesh has not come to win the T20 World Cup, but just to upset, this statement was not liked by the fans of the team at all. Even the officials of the cricket board did not like the captain’s saying. However, Bangladesh got defeated against India and it could not reverse it.

Fake fielding charges against Virat Kohli

In the Super 12 match played against India and Bangladesh, the defeat came very close. After the end of the match, Virat Kohli was accused by Bangladesh batsman Nurul Hasan of false fielding. In the post-match press conference, he kept this point and also said that the umpire was reminded of this but no action was taken on it, let alone getting five penalty runs.

IND vs BAN: Virat Kohli ‘fake fielding’ controversy, Bangladesh to raise ‘umpiring’ issue

BCB’s President of Cricket Operations, Jalal Yunus has taken the matter seriously and has even talked about taking it up with the ICC. He said that when captain Shakib wanted to bring the attention of the umpire to this, it was rejected outright.

Kohli’s no ball and free hit controversy against Pakistan

In this T20 World Cup between India and Pakistan, a match was played which will be remembered forever. Virat Kohli played the best innings of his career to lead India to victory. There was a lot of drama in the last over of Mohammad Wasim. During this, there was a dispute regarding the run to Virat on no ball and free hit.

Controversy over free hit and dead ball in India vs Pakistan match, know what are the ICC Rules

India needed 16 runs in the last over. The fourth ball of this over was waist-high, on which Kohli hit a six. There was a dispute about this because Pakistan captain Babar Azam believed that this ball was not a no. After this Wasim bowled the next ball wide, due to which the free hit remained intact. Kohli got bowled on the next ball and the ball went away, Kohli ran on it and took 3 runs, about which Babar also argued with the umpire.

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