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Cricketers take bath with icy water, the ice bath therapy that Rahul mentioned

‘Today long ice baths… ice baths and such wickets we don’t usually enjoy, but sometimes have to.’

Indian cricket team opener KL Rahul said these things to the commentator after winning the Thiruvananthapuram T20. The pitch at Greenfield International Stadium was difficult for the batsmen. On a damp and bouncy pitch, KL Rahul showed restraint and played an unbeaten innings of 51 runs in 56 balls. After the match, KL said that we have played in such difficult conditions before. It took a lot of hard work to score runs today. Why did Rahul compare this tough wicket with an ice bath? What is an ice bath and why is it so important for players that it has to be done even if they do not want to. Let’s explain.

What is ice bath?

In the dressing room of almost every sport in the world, there has never been a better technique to refresh the players. After hard work, sit for some time in the water containing ice cubes. It is also called ice bath. For an ice bath, a tub, drum or bucket is filled with icy water. It is common for professional athletes to have such a bathtub in their training rooms. It is believed that bathing in icy water after physical activity relaxes the muscles and makes the body ready for exercise again soon. This reduces the risk of muscle injury and also helps in muscle development.

Muscles’ biochemicals become unbalanced
According to research, muscles are made up of long fibers. They grow rapidly after physical activity. However, the growth of fiber is stunted when ice water falls on the body immediately after a workout. The biochemicals present in the muscles are disbalanced by the ice bath. The amount of protein needed for tissue growth decreases while the amount of protein useful for their breakdown increases. This is the reason why muscle fibers remain short.

Why do cricketers take ice baths?
The temperature of the ice bath to be maintained also depends on the weather of that day. Players get 10 minutes to rest. Sweat was flowing like water from the players’ bodies amidst the fierce humidity in Thiruvananthapuram. Rahul must have taken a pucca ice bath after being upset amidst the sweltering heat. After the ice bath, the athletes get refreshed again by washing the jersey, socks, and socks after being washed with icy water.

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