Croatia beat Brazil in the penalty shootout, made it to the semi-finals for the second time in a row

BRA vs CRO, FIFA WC Quarter Final: In the first quarter-final of the FIFA World Cup 2022, Croatia has confirmed its place in the semi-finals by defeating Brazil 4-2 in the penalty shootout. Neither team was able to score till regular time, but Neymar scored for Brazil in extra time of 30 minutes. Croatia scored a goal just a few minutes before the end of the match and took the match to the shootout.

Both the teams continuously tried to score in the first 90 minutes, but no one could get the goal. Croatia attacked brilliantly on a few occasions and came close to scoring, but could not succeed in the final third. Neymar was unable to leave his mark for Brazil and was constantly being tackled before the final third. However, as soon as the match went into extra time, the game of both Neymar and Brazil changed completely and they took the lead in the match.

Brazil lost in shootout

Croatia also put full force and equalized the score by scoring a goal just a few minutes before the end of the match. In the shoot-out, Croatia scored two goals in a row and the very first kick was missed by Brazil. While Croatia scored goals continuously, mistakes kept happening from Brazil’s side and they had to face defeat.

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Neymar equals Pele’s record

Pele has scored 77 goals for Brazil and now Neymar has also equaled him. Now as soon as Neymar scores another goal, he will become the highest goalscorer for Brazil. Brazil scored its eighth goal in the FIFA World Cup. However, despite this great achievement, he could not take his team to the semi-finals. Apart from these two players, Ronaldo Nazario de Lima has scored the second highest number of 62 goals for Brazil.

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