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CWG 2022: Be proud of these 61 Commonwealth medals, they are bigger than 101 in 2010

New Delhi: Birmingham Commonwealth Games India bagged a total of 61 medals. This can be considered India’s best performance in the Commonwealth Games. India ended their campaign in Birmingham with 22 Gold, 16 Silver and 23 Bronze medals. At the same time, in the last Commonwealth Games, India had won a total of 66 medals. India’s best performance in the Commonwealth was 2010, New Delhi winning a total of 101 medals with 38 gold, 27 silver and 36 bronze medals. That year, India was second in the medal tally after England. However, despite this, the Commonwealth Games 2022, New Delhi has been better than the Commonwealth. The reason behind this is that Birmingham did not include many of the games that were included in 2010. There was no shooting, Greco-Roman wrestling, archery and tennis. In the New Delhi Commonwealth Games, India won 30 medals in shooting, eight in archery, seven in Greco-Roman wrestling and four in tennis. In this way, in Delhi, India had won about 50 medals in just four sports, which Birmingham was not included in. On the other hand, if a fair comparison is made, even if gold and silver, cricket silver and judo medals are removed from lawn balls in Birmingham, Birmingham’s performance since 2010 can be considered better because all these sports were not included in the 2010 Commonwealth Games. . In such a situation, if the games which were included in the Commonwealth Games in 2010 were also in Birmingham, then perhaps India’s position in the medal tally could have been better.

However, India finished fourth in the 2022 Commonwealth Games medal tally with 61 medals from sports without shooting. India’s shooters were in awe of Australia’s Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 2018 and most medals came from here, but this time it was not included in the Commonwealth Games. In the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, India got the most medals from shooting and wrestling. This year India had a total of 66 medals in which 26 gold, 20 silver and as many bronze medals were received.

India’s glory in wrestling and weightlifting in Commonwealth Games 2022

In the Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022, India’s highest medal tally came from wrestling and weightlifting competitions. India was participating in these games for the 18th time and a total of 104 men and 103 women took part. This player managed to win 61 medals. India won 22 Gold, 16 Silver and 23 Bronze medals. Men won 35 medals and women 26 medals for India.

In the Commonwealth Games 2022, India got the maximum 12 medals in wrestling. In this game, Indian wrestlers managed to win a total of 6 gold, one silver and 5 bronze medals. This was followed by weightlifting competition in second place. A total of 10 medals came in India’s bag in weightlifting. After this, in the boxing ring, the players punched a total of 7 medals.

Badminton and Table Tennis have been in the Commonwealth Games

At the same time, in table tennis, Indian players won a total of 7 medals, while in badminton, India has a total of 6 medals. Apart from this, a total of eight medals in athletics have come in India’s bag. For the first time in the history of Commonwealth Games, the country managed to win a medal in lawn ball (one gold, one silver). Apart from Lawn Ball, one in Para Lifting, three in Judo, two in Hockey, one in Cricket and two medals in Squash.

There was no shooting in the 2022 Commonwealth Games

In the 2018 Commonwealth Games held in Gold Coast, Australia, the highest number of medals for India was achieved from the shooting competition. In this Commonwealth Games, a record 16 medals were won for India in shooting. However, this sport itself was not included in the 2022 Commonwealth Games, due to which the number of medals decreased significantly.

There was a lot of opposition for not including shooting, but the Birmingham Commonwealth Games organizers argued that the city did not have good shooting ranges. This game cannot be included due to infrastructure and resources.

How important was the shooting game for India

India has done its best every time in the Commonwealth Games. In 2018, the Indian team won a total of 16 medals and took India to the third position in the medal tally. So far, India has achieved 63 gold medals in the Commonwealth Games with a total of 135 medals in shooting. India’s medal tally has always been strong with the help of shooting.

Not only shooting, there are a total of 15 sports in the main list of Commonwealth Games, which are required to be included every time. Earlier only 10 sports were included in this list. In the year 2018, 5 new sports were added to this list. At the same time, shooting is an optional sport in the Commonwealth Games. It is not included in the main list of 15 sports of the Commonwealth Games. It is up to the host to keep the optional sport or not. This time Birmingham has not included shooting from the list of optional sports.


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