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Deepti Sharma On Run Out: Was warned, but Charlotte did not deter, Deepti Sharma told what happened on the field

New Delhi: Indian women’s cricket team’s star bowler Deepti Sharma has returned home and when she was asked about Charlotte Dean what she told was surprising. She said that she was running for runs even before she could throw the ball repeatedly on the field. The team India had also complained about this to the umpire, but when the English batsman did not agree, then he was forced to get out.

He said about this – it had happened many times. We also gave warnings and complained to the umpire, but she was not agreeing. After that we planned out. It’s not wrong either. This was done purely on the basis of rules. Let us tell you that Indian women had registered a historic win by thrashing England 3-0 in the ODI series. The great Jhulan Goswami could not have had a grand farewell to it.

On the other hand, the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), the custodians of the Laws of Cricket, put their stamp on all-rounder Deepti Sharma’s run to England’s Charlotte Dean at the bowling end. England’s last batsman Charlotte Dean (47) was controversially run out for overtaking the crease at the bowling end, helping India secure a win. Dean came out of the crease at the bowling end and Deepti ran her out. Deepti’s run out was completely legitimate but some England players still expressed displeasure but the MCC on Sunday said there was nothing wrong with it.

The MCC said in a statement, “What was an unusual ending to a truly thrilling match, in which the officials played their due role and should not be considered anything else.” The MCC’s message to the batsmen at the bowling end will be to stay at the crease until they see the ball coming out of the bowler’s hand. Doing so can not result in a match like that.

Recently, the International Cricket Council modified the playing conditions to make such dismissals ‘run out’ from ‘unfair play’. These changes will come into effect from October 1. The MCC said this was done to clarify the matter and to ensure to the batsmen that they do not leave the crease at the bowling end before the ball is bowled. “The rules are clear enough to be easily interpreted for all umpires at all levels of play and at all moments of play,” the statement read.

“As a custodian of the spirit of cricket, the MCC appreciates that it is interpreted differently around the world,” it added. The respectful debate is healthy and should continue because where one person sees the bowler as violating the spirit of the game in such instances, the other points to the batsman at the bowling end to gain an unfair advantage by leaving his field early.

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