Disappointed with the busy schedule, Steve Waugh said – getting to see more cricket than necessary


Steve Waugh disappointed with busy cricket schedule in the country this year
Cricket Australia was criticized for busy schedule
There should be an attraction to the series, as in the Ashes

Melbourne. Former Australia captain Steve Waugh believes people are watching too much cricket and is disappointed with the busy schedule. In the context of the busy schedule of the Australian team this year, Waugh said that it has become very difficult for the spectators to adjust to the matches. Three days after the T20 World Cup final, a three-match ODI series was played between the new champions of this format, England and Australia, due to which Cricket Australia faced criticism for scheduling the matches of the men’s team.

There is no doubt that very few spectators reached the ground for this ODI series. Steve Waugh said in a SEN program, “There is a lot of cricket happening, it has become very difficult to keep track of it, it is very difficult to adjust to it as a spectator. The three ODIs against England seem pointless, I mean what were they playing for. Not many spectators turned up to watch the matches, I think people are getting to see too much cricket.”

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Apart from being the hosts, Australia had landed as the defending champions in the last T20 World Cup, but despite this, the average attendance of spectators in the stadium in their five Super 12 matches was only 37 thousand 565. This also includes the canceled match against England at MCG.

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Waugh said, “You want there to be an attraction for a particular series like the Ashes or the series against England. It is becoming difficult to adjust to the Australian team, because they field a different team every time. Waugh, who captained Australia’s World Cup-winning team, said, “It is difficult for fans and spectators to connect because you are not sure who is playing, I don’t know if it is anybody’s fault or not, but You need consistency in the Australian team.”

He said, “You should know who is playing in the team in each match, you should keep a close eye on it and at the moment it has become very difficult to do so.”

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