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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Umesh Yadav was confident of returning to the team, the world had put the tag of a Test player

New Delhi: Fast bowler Umesh Yadav has returned to the Indian cricket team. He was included in the home T20 series against Australia after Mohammed Shami was found to be Corona positive. But in a special conversation with our correspondent a month ago, Umesh was quite confident that he is going to make a comeback in the white ball format. Here are the highlights of that special interview…

Question: It is always seen that a player becomes a star, but there has been no change in you… you are like the same boy from Vidarbha who started playing cricket. Stardom comes in that… Do you think that by not creating such stardom people don’t talk much about you… you have made yourself too low profile?

Everyone has their own nature, my nature is like this… I like to live in myself, live with family and I am a little shy I can’t open up with everyone, so it’s everyone’s mindset And you can’t change everyone’s mindset…Because there is team management, there are selectors, who manage all the things that when to give a chance…so my only job as a bowler is my Keeping you fit, bowling well and contributing to the victory of the country… whatever is the rest of my lifestyle, I try to be as simple as I can.

Question: The Indian team that we are seeing right now… Rohit Sharma is the captain, Rahul Dravid has come… you are…
answer: Very good…Team has attitude and moral is to play to win…and team management is trying to give maximum number of games to boys to play…lest anyone gets one Got a game or got two games, then they are sitting out of the team. The team that has been selected and will also suck for the World Cup, then I think our team will be better with this approach.

Question: What are your expectations from yourself in all three formats from the stage you are at now?
answer: According to the way I have been stamped, that of a Test bowler is fine, but I want to play in all kinds of formats in the years I have left.

Question: Don’t you find it strange that you are fed in India only by speaking as a test specialist.
answer: All these things keep happening, you can’t do anything about it… if you are a player, you just have to keep performing well… leave the rest to the management, it’s their job… so it’s the same test. I am enjoying playing…and will try to do better if I get a chance in white ball cricket going forward and try to show good game for my country in every format.



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