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Fans or freaks… how is this desire to enter Virat Kohli’s room without permission?

Perth: Virat Kohli’s fans will be found in every corner of the world. One such crazy came out in the hotel in Australia where Team India, who went to play the T20 World Cup, was staying. Now action has been taken against those who entered Kohli’s hotel room without permission and made a video and then shared it on social media. Hotel Crown has removed everyone involved in the incident. Along with this, he has also apologized to the Indian cricket star by issuing a statement. The hotel management has assured that such incidents will not happen again in future. Along with Kohli, his actress wife Anushka Sharma also took strong objection to the whole incident. But this whole case raises many questions. Asks if just being someone’s fan has given you the right to violate his privacy.

Desire or craze?

Many celebrities from all over the world including India have become a part of social media for the purpose of self-promotion and expressing their views. Virat Kohli is not only a cricketer but also a social media influencer. Earn lakhs of rupees from each post on Twitter and Instagram. But they are also at risk of breaching their privacy on this medium. And why not? What to post on social media. What not to post? This is a purely personal matter. Making a video of a hotel room without leaving permission is also a crime to enter. This will not be a fan’s wish but a fad.

What is the whole matter?
After the match against South Africa on Sunday night, Virat Kohli’s fan uploaded the video of his hotel room on social media and wrote that King Kohli’s hotel room. When Virat saw this video, he became unhappy and himself expressed his displeasure by sharing this video on social media. Concerned about your privacy. After this the hotel has taken action against those responsible. A statement was issued by the hotel management, ‘We apologize unconditionally to the guest involved in this incident. The Crown has taken immediate steps to rectify the issue. The individuals involved have been removed from Crown and the video has also been immediately removed from social media. We are also cooperating with the Indian cricket team and the International Cricket Council so that we apologize and will continue to work with them as we proceed with the investigation.

How was the view of Kohli’s room in the video?

The video shows Kohli’s ‘health supplement’, shoes, an unopened suitcase containing his India jersey, cap and spectacles lying on the table. It appears that more than one person was inside the room when the video was shot and they were probably hotel staff members. The Indian team members left Perth on Monday for Adelaide where they will take on Bangladesh on Wednesday. India suffered their first defeat in the ongoing T20 World Cup when they were thrashed by South Africa by five wickets on Sunday.

widespread criticism of the incident
Kohli said, ‘If I can’t have privacy in my hotel room, then where can I expect privacy? I am not happy with such violation of privacy. Please respect the privacy of people and don’t treat them as objects of entertainment. In the video titled ‘King Kohli’s Hotel Room’, a man is seen roaming around the room among Kohli’s personal belongings. Australian opener David Warner has also expressed anger over the incident. Warner commented on Kohli’s post, ‘This is ridiculous, completely unacceptable.’ Kohli’s wife and Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma took a jibe at people who disrespect privacy. Anushka wrote on Instagram, ‘Experienced some incidents where fans have not shown any condolences in the past but this is the worst. Complete disgrace to man. If someone thinks that you are a celebrity then you have to deal with such things then you are also part of the problem. Some self control helps everyone. Also, if this is happening in your bedroom, then where is the limit. Virat and Anushka had requested the media not to publish the pictures after a broadcaster showed pictures of daughter Vamika during India’s tour of South Africa in January this year.

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