FICA Report: Is ODI cricket dying? FICA report giving alarming signal

New Delhi. Is ODI cricket dying out? Could the ODI World Cup be a thing of history? If you are a fan of ODI cricket, then this question can definitely bother you. But the reality is like this. The popularity of ODI cricket is continuously decreasing in the world. Whether it is the presence of spectators in the stadium or the audience of TV. If the competition is of ODI cricket, then the audience is comparatively decreasing. But it is not just limited to the audience. Even the cricketers playing international cricket are not enjoying ODI matches as much as they used to before. And we are not saying this. This thing has come out in the report of FICA, the largest organization of cricketers.

Actually, FICA i.e. Federation of International Cricketer’s Association recently conducted a survey among 400 players of the world. In this, questions were asked on all aspects of cricket. For example, with the increasing popularity of T20 cricket, how has it affected the other two formats? Is there a crisis on the existence of ODI and Test matches? If yes then which is the format which is in more danger? The answer to this question was – ODI cricket.

FICA had conducted a similar survey in 2018-19 as well. Then a question was asked that how many players still consider the ODI World Cup as the top ICC championship. In response, 86 percent of the cricketers said that the ODI World Cup is the number-1 championship of the ICC. The same question was asked in 2022. So only 54 percent cricketers considered ODI World Cup as the number-1 event of ICC. That is, for 46 percent of the cricketers, this event is no longer number-1, which can disturb any sports lover who likes ODI cricket.

In the same survey, 73% of the cricketers agreed that according to them Test match is the number-1 format of the game. And if given a chance, he would definitely like to play Test matches.

Even if we look at the average of ODI matches happening in the world, its number has decreased continuously. For example, in the year 2021, 93 ODIs were played. If we leave 2020, then this is the lowest ODI match played in the last few years. Everyone knows that in 2020 the world was troubled by Corona and because of this sports, education and writing had a bad effect on everything. So when we talk about the numbers then the 2020 figures have to be ignored.

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