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Gavaskar cautioned Team India, it is a big match on Sunday, give Hardik rest and give Hooda a chance


India will play its second match against Netherlands in T20 World Cup
Talking about Hardik Pandya’s fitness before the match
Gavaskar has told him to give rest to Deepak Hooda

New Delhi. The Indian cricket team will play in its second match in the T20 World Cup on Thursday. All-rounder Hardik Pandya is reported to have been injured before the match against Netherlands, it is being told that he has a slight problem. Former captain Sunil Gavaskar has said that if Hardik has any problem, then give him rest as the match against South Africa is going to be big on Sunday.

Gavaskar said during the show, “Look, if they have any problem, then they should be allowed to rest because the match against South Africa against South Africa is going to be much bigger.” I think if anyone has any problem, then give them rest and keep them fresh for Sunday’s match. But the thing is also that this is the format of T20 and would not like to take any team lightly here.

See if who is not Hardik Pandya, then Dinesh Karthik will come for you at number five. If the team which loses wickets early, then your batting may get weak, that is why I would like to see Deepak Hooda in place of Hardik.

Now if Deepak comes in the team, then I think you should bat him at number five and he can also do the number of overs bowled by Hardik Pandya. The characters can bowl the remaining overs for you. If we do this then our quota of 20 overs will be completed.

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