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Gavaskar said, the players playing in the England team would also want the final of India and Pakistan


Pakistan beat New Zealand in the semi-finals to confirm the final ticket
India has to play in the second semi-final match with England

New Delhi. The ICC T20 World Cup has now moved towards the last stop and the excitement is at its peak. Pakistan defeated New Zealand in the semi-finals to secure a place in the final. India has to play against England in the second semi-final. Before this match, former Indian captain Sunil Gavaskar said, many players playing for England also want the final match between India and Pakistan to be played.

On Aaj Tak, Gavaskar said, “Yes, of course, the kind of game the Indian team is showing at the moment and the way it has won matches in difficult conditions. Won the match against Pakistan on the last ball, then the match against Bangladesh seemed difficult because the way the team had got the start, it seemed that the match would go out. The kind of stubbornness shown by the Indian team here that whatever happens, we are going to fight till the last ball. Eventually India also defeated Bangladesh. This shows that this team has a different style. There is a different dedication that this time you have to bring the trophy.

He further said, “We just saw that Pakistan’s team has reached the final. Now if the Indian team also reaches the final, then it will be a different fun. Which ICC wants that if there is a final match, then it should be the final match between India and Pakistan. The whole world wants this, I understand that there will be some players in the England team who want this. Yes, against the Indian team he will try to do well but he will also say that if there is a final match between India and Pakistan, then it will be more interesting.

“Australia team got out of the tournament but the people there did not make much difference. Everyone is waiting for the finals of India and Pakistan. The people there also told me the same when I was coming from Sydney. It will be fun if there is a final between India and Pakistan.

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