Hockey World Cup: Japan blown away in a storm of Indian heroes, not one or two, trampled with 8 goals

New Delhi: Team India, who lost the chance to win the Hockey World Cup, performed amazingly against Japan. They unilaterally crushed Japan 8-0 in the match. The Japanese team did not stand ahead of India in any case. Its defense was very weak, so the forward failed to penetrate the Indian fort. On the other hand, the team led by Manpreet Singh made the match completely one-sided. Mandeep, Abhishek, Vivek, Harmanpreet, Manpreet and Sukhjeet Singh dominated India’s victory.

These players scored goals for India

  • Mandeep Singh: In the 32nd minute
  • Abhishek: In 35th and 43rd minutes
  • Vivek Sagar Prasad: In the 39th minute
  • Harmanpreet Singh: In the 45th and 58th minutes
  • Manpreet Singh: In the 58th minute
  • Sukhjit Singh: In the 60th minute

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