How Indian cricketers become expert in speaking English as soon as they come in the team, what is the secret


Cricketers coming from small villages and towns often struggle with English, it is difficult for them to speak it confidently
After England and Australia, the Indian cricket team is the best speaking and understanding team in English.
The role of BCCI is very much behind the good English speaking of Indian cricketers.

In the last few years, most of the players of the Indian cricket team have come from small cities and towns. When they are selected in the team, it is very difficult or difficult for them to speak in English, but after some time these cricketers speak this language so fluently that everyone is amazed. After all, what is its secret.

More than half of the players in the Indian cricket team come from small towns or cities and from modest backgrounds. They usually belong to such families in which the question of speaking English does not arise. Speaking English is his biggest weakness, but as soon as he comes in the Indian team, he starts speaking fluent English. After all, how does this happen?

In the current team India, whether it is Yajuvendra Chahal or Mavi or Dhoni, or Virat Kohli or Cheteshwar Pujara, or Mohammed Shami or Prithvi Shaw? Now when all these players face the press, the media in English Let’s answer the questions but this was not always the case with them. Sometimes he used to face difficulty in coming in front of the press because he could not speak English fluently.

During the matches, now when the commentators take his reactions, he speaks fluently in English without hesitation in such a way that no one even guesses that he was very tight in this language in the beginning of his career. He hesitated to speak English.

when kapildev came in the team
When Kapil Dev came to the Indian cricket team, he had to face the hesitation of English while talking to the media in international tours for a long time. Then he had appointed a private tutor for this.

Until two and a half to three decades ago, English language was a big deal for cricketers coming to the national team from small towns or modest backgrounds. His biggest fear was that how would he face the press conference. But now this does not happen.

symbolic picture

Umesh Yadav and Hardik Pandya could not speak English
When cricketers like Umesh Yadav and Hardik Pandya were selected in Team India, they were so afraid of English that they avoided talking to press conferences and reporters lest they would be asked questions in English. In the past, people were getting surprised that how Yajuvendra Chahal has started speaking such good English.

In the current Indian cricket team or the Indian team of the last 10-15 years, many such cricketers came who are not even 10th pass, but now when they speak fluent English, then one wonders how this happened. What is the secret behind this?

Not only this, usually there will be very few cricketers in Team India, who are also graduates. Most of them leave their studies midway while doing high school or intermediate.

BCCI teaches English language
In fact, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has been paying special attention to this aspect for the last few years. He organizes personality development and English speaking sessions for all such cricketers. Coaches are also provided to them during tours for this. Along with this, help is also given to improve English speaking through phone.

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BCCI pays special attention to the fact that the cricketers selected in Team India can speak good English.

Special attention of BCCI
BCCI pays special attention that the cricketers who are being selected in Team India should not only be able to speak English fluently but also have personality development.

The BCCI recognizes that Indian cricketers have to interact with people on foreign tours, attend various functions apart from media briefings, therefore proficiency in the English language will add to their personality and confidence.

MS Dhoni was awarded the award for the most innovative thinking of this season.  (BCCI)When MS Dhoni initially came into the team, he too had a problem with speaking English but soon he overcame it.

Even Dhoni could not speak English
When Mahendra Singh Dhoni came to the team in the beginning, he had the same problem but then he improved his English through fellow players.

Cricketers like Virender Sehwag and Praveen Kumar avoided attending press conferences for a long time and even if they did answer, they used to answer in Hindi and BCCI’s interpreter or manager would tell them what was asked in the question. Praveen Kumar often used to put Rahul Dravid forward instead of himself.

BCCI teaches English to umpires too
BCCI has started English language program not only for cricketers but also for Indian umpires for the last few years so that their level of conversation in English language can improve, they can interact with international players. For the first time, BCCI started such a course in the year 2015 for umpires.

what’s in that course
The course started by BCCI to teach English to the umpires was of five days, in which the umpires were divided into several batches. The course was prepared by the BCCI in association with the International Cricket Council with the help of the British Council.

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