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How much is the prize money for FIFA World Cup 2022? Know that the rest of the teams including the winner will get money

FIFA World Cup 2022: FIFA World Cup 2022 is about to begin. This tournament will start from 20 November. At the same time, 32 teams are participating in this tournament. Actually, the FIFA World Cup is considered one of the biggest events in the world, but do you know how much money the team that wins this tournament gets as prize money… Apart from this, how much money is given to the rest of the stage teams. see you.

The winner of the year 2018, France got this amount …

The FIFA World Cup 2018 was won by France, while Croatia was the losing team in the final. That is, the runner up of the FIFA World Cup 2018 was Croatia. FIFA World Cup 2018 champions France received $38 million as prize money, while runner up Croatia received $28 million prize money. However, till the FIFA World Cup 2006 only $ 10 million was available as prize money. At the same time, Italy became the champion in the year 1982, then Italy got prize money of about $ 2.2 million as prize money.

prize money for fifa world cup 2022

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Winner $42 million (Rs 344 crore)
Runner-up $30 million (Rs 245 crore)
3rd place $27 million (Rs 220 crore)
4th place $25 million (Rs 204 crore)
5th-8th place $17 million (Rs 138 crore)
9th-16th $13 million (Rs 106 crore)
17th-32nd place $ 9 million (Rs 74 crore)

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