How will India overcome Australia in WTC final? Rohit told the formula

New Delhi. Indian cricket team captain Rohit Sharma says that the conditions in England are challenging for any batsman. Rohit, popularly known as Hitman in world cricket, has said that on such pitches there is no other option than hard work for the batsmen and no batsman feels comfortable at the crease but he comes to know that the bowlers of the rival team When to act aggressively against

Ahead of the World Test Championship final against Australia starting on Wednesday, the Indian skipper feels there is no option but to work hard on English pitches. Rohit said in an ICC program ‘Afternoon with Test Legends’ here on Sunday, ‘I think generally there are very challenging conditions in England for the batsman. As long as you are ready to deal with challenges, you get success.

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Rohit was the best batsman in India in the four Tests against England in 2021. Talking about his personal experience, the Indian captain, sitting with Pat Cummins, Ross Taylor and Ian Bell, said, ‘One thing I realized in 2021 is that you never freeze at the crease and then the weather keeps changing. You have to concentrate for a long time and then you know that now is the time to tune the bowlers. The most important thing is that you have to go to the crease and understand what is your strength.

Over the years with Mumbai Indians and Team India, he pays a lot of attention to figures and data. Rohit feels it is not a bad idea to know the scoring ‘pattern’ of former players who have found success at ‘The Oval’. He said, ‘I will not try to emulate them (successful players) but it would be good to know their ‘pattern’ of scoring runs. I found that the square boundary looks very fast in the oval.

Rohit, who has adapted to play from one format to another over the past decade, knows it is difficult but he enjoys the challenge and his own ability to tweak his technique as per the need. Rohit said, ‘Changing the format is definitely a challenging factor. You play in multiple formats. Mentally you have to adapt to change and tweak your technique. You should be mentally prepared.

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