If there was someone else, he would have returned on the stretcher… Salute to the stubbornness and passion of Dhoni, who was seen smiling even in pain

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is also known as Mahendra Bahubali. A living example of why it is said was also seen in the opening match of IPL 2023 against Gujarat Titans at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. Even though MS Dhoni was injured, he was on the field. Struggling with the knee, but had a smile on his face. Don’t know from where Dhoni gets so much passion. When the father was born, Sakshi was alone in India while he was playing for the national team. When asked, he said that he is on national duty, but this time he had come down for his fans. They know Dhoni is not a player, he is a belief, a thought, a stubbornness, a passion.

Dhoni was able to stand with great difficulty

Dhoni leaps to the right to catch the second ball of the 19th over without worrying about his feet, but Deepak Chahar’s sharper ball goes for 4 runs. After this everyone gets upset. Actually, during the dive, the knee gets hurt once again and Dhoni is seen in severe pain. He could hardly stand.

Blood was coming out of the thumb in ODI World Cup

Blood was coming out of the thumb in ODI World Cup

MS Dhoni suffered a similar injury in the ODI World Cup 2019. In the match against England, Dhoni was spitting out blood by sucking it from his mouth. But there was no excuse. Dhoni was stalked on the field. With the same promptness. With the same intensity. There was no shortage of enthusiasm. He was not worried about the blackened thumb. Dhoni knew the importance of this match. However, the semi-final of the same World Cup was the last match of his international career.

Does IPL 2023 really matter for Dhoni?


IPL 2023 doesn’t matter if you look at it only from Dhoni’s point of view. Dhoni has won 4 seasons and he doesn’t need to prove anything. But if we see from the point of view of fans of Dhoni, then the whole atmosphere will change. Everyone wants to see him become the champion. Millions of fans will be found who will say that Dhoni should continue playing in IPL for the next 100 years. Even today when there is bad wicketkeeping in Team India, Dhoni starts trending on social media. Even if at that time he is plowing his fields with a tractor.

Dhoni is a feeling, a belief, a stubbornness, a passion

Dhoni is a feeling, a belief, a stubbornness, a passion

One thing is always said about Mahendra Singh Dhoni that why he is so different. There is no sorrow of defeat, there is no joy of victory, only one thing is visible, that is the mission. The determination to fight relentlessly and the passion to win. One mission is not completed, they get involved in another. He was in Jodhpur just before the IPL. Here he participated in the army event, then returned and joined CSK. On the one hand, he was performing his national duty and on the other hand, he was also keeping his profession in mind. This thinking, stubbornness and passion of Dhoni is probably why every cricket fan salutes again and again.

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