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Ind vs Eng: Shoaib Akhtar’s bad words, said- England team will destroy Indian bowling


India to play in T20 World Cup semi-final against England
Shoaib Akhtar said, India will be in trouble if they play England later

New Delhi. The Indian team is going to play with the England team in the second semi-final of the ICC T20 World Cup. So far, Team India, which has shown a great game in the tournament, is being said to be a contender for victory against England. Former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar has cautioned India before the match. He says that if England bats later, then it will be difficult for the Indian team to save the match.

Akhtar told ARY News, “I want to once again compete with the Indian team. Now we are back in full form, our bowling is your batting. Your bowling and our batting is now complete on this match. I am looking forward to the match between the two teams again. I am wishing that India come to the finals so that they may bring two or two fun. We come back after beating India in the final. My wish is that Pakistan wins the World Cup title by defeating India.

He further said, “The swing that Arshdeep Singh and Bhuvneshwar Kumar got in Melbourne was a thing of the early days. Now the tournament of 15 to 20 days has been done, this ground has been exposed a lot, the wicket has also remained in the open too much, so now that effect is not going to be seen. At that time the weather was also the same, but if it does not remain the same now, a lot of change will be seen. Now in Melbourne, he will make better wickets, not swing more, he will make such wickets where the target is chased and can be done easily.

“I think if the Indian team wins the toss, they would like to chase the target. England also has a habit that she freaks out. Suffers from panic. The England team is also going to be under pressure somewhere. She will also be seen struggling. It seems to me that if the England team bats later, it will ruin India’s bowling. Whoever will chase the target, I don’t know but whichever team comes out to bat later, things will be easy for them. The ICC and the broadcaster are going to have the most fun in this.”

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