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IND vs PAK T20: Virat Kohli… name is enough, never forgetting wound for the fourth time to Pakistan


India beat Pakistan by 4 wickets in T20 World Cup
Virat Kohli scored an unbeaten 82 off 53 balls.
He scored his fourth fifty against Pakistan in the T20 World Cup.

Virat Kohli vs Pakistan: Wonderful, unimaginable…. Unbelievable, words will fall short to describe the way the India-Pakistan match ended. But, whoever saw this match, he must have felt something similar. Why is Virat Kohli called a player of the big match, why Hardik Pandya is so important for Team India? This was proved by the victory against Pakistan. In this match, Kohli came out to bat in the second over and returned from the field only after winning India. He played an unbeaten 82 in 53 balls. Even though he could not score his second century of T20. But, his innings was overshadowed by many centuries. Because due to this innings, Team India won an impossible-looking victory and for the fourth time in the history of T20 World Cup, inflicted an unforgettable wound on Pakistan.

The kind of innings that Virat Kohli played in this match in Melbourne. This is rarely seen in T20. Because India had lost 4 wickets in 7 overs and only 33 runs were added on the scoreboard. After seeing this score, everyone’s last hope was Virat and he did not disappoint the fans. Kohli shared a partnership of 113 runs in 78 balls with Hardik Pandya for the fifth wicket. In the last over, India needed 16 runs in 6 balls. But, Hardik Pandya was caught on the very first ball of this over.

Kohli played the best innings of T20 career
Despite the change of ends due to the new T20 rules, Dinesh Karthik came on strike instead of Virat. Now India needed 16 runs in 5 balls. 3 runs came off the next two balls. But, Virat did not panic and hit a six on the fourth ball and turned the whole point of the match towards India. After this, due to the stumping of Dinesh Karthik in the match, the heartbeat of the Indian fans definitely increased. But, due to Virat’s presence at the crease, a tension was clearly visible in the Pakistani bowlers and the camp and India got the benefit of this and Ashwin gave the team victory by putting the winning shot on the last ball.

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Kohli’s 308 runs at an average of 308
Kohli scored a half-century against Pakistan for the fourth time in the history of T20 World Cup and for the third time Team India won. After the innings played in Melbourne, he has scored 308 runs in 5 matches against Pakistan in the T20 World Cup at an average of 308. He has scored half-centuries in this five to four matches and has returned unbeaten on three occasions and India has won all three times. His half-century in the last T20 World Cup alone could not lead India to victory. Last year in the T20 World Cup, Virat played an innings of 57 runs. But, Pakistan won that match by 10 wickets.

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