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IND vs SA: ‘SKY Is The Limit’ on the wicket on which Team India’s ‘Trimurti’ got power


Rohit Sharma-Virat Kohli fail in first T20 against D.Africa
Suryakumar Yadav hit fifty on a difficult wicket at a strike rate of 151

New Delhi. Achieving the target of 107 runs in a T20 match is not very difficult. But, if a team has to bat 17 overs for this, then it gets an idea of ​​how difficult the wicket must have been to bat. Something similar happened in the first T20 between India and South Africa in Thiruvananthapuram. South Africa’s team was all out for 106 runs. India has also achieved this goal. But, for this, Team India had to bat 16.4 overs.

Rohit Sharma got out without opening the account, then Virat Kohli could also score 3 runs in 9 balls before getting out. Even though KL Rahul scored a half-century. But, his strike rate was 91. Despite all the troubles, a batsman scored a half-century like Rahul on this wicket. The only difference was that his strike rate was 151. In the entire match, no one scored runs with a higher strike rate than this batsman.

The wicket on which the trio of Rohit-Virat-Rahul was seen struggling. On the same wicket, Suryakumar batted openly against the African bowlers and proved to be the hero of Team India’s victory.

Indian trio turned out, the sun shines
It was not that Suryakumar did not face difficulties during his half-century innings. His start was also not good. He came out to bat after the dismissal of Virat Kohli. It was the 7th over of the Indian innings. At that time the score of Team India was 17 runs for the loss of 2 wickets. Suryakumar survived getting injured on the very first ball of his innings. Enrique Norcia’s high speed ball hit Suryakumar’s body. Surya tried to hit the next ball towards fine leg, bowled at a speed of 145 kmph. But, he was lucky that the ball took the edge of the bat and went over the deep third man for 6 runs.

Suryakumar hit a six on its next ball as well. This ball came completely on his bat and the shot he was trying to play on the ball before that, got fulfilled on this ball. Suryakumar swings his wrist and sends the ball across the boundary of deep backward square leg.

play freely under pressure
After this over, Surya understood that it is difficult to stop playing on this wicket. He also said the same thing to his fellow batsman KL Rahul, which he disclosed after the match. That’s it, then what was Suryakumar Yadav continued to play in his own style and it also benefited KL Rahul. For 9 overs, both kept adding one or two runs each. But, after that started fours and sixes and hit a four or six in every over. This series ended after winning Team India.

Suryakumar has a simple style of batting. They don’t care about the wicket, the bowler. He keeps an eye on the ball and does not miss the shot where he gets the opportunity. In the process of doing this, he gets out many times too early. But, he never changed his style of playing. This is what is working for them. He has the ability to play shots in every corner of the field. For this reason, his strike rate is also better, which is most important in the T20 format.

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Suryakumar is heavy on ‘Trimurti’ in the matter of strike rate
If we talk about the T20 record of the last 12 months, then Suryakumar Yadav is heavy on the trio of Rahul-Rohit-Virat in terms of both runs and strike rate. In the last 1 year, Rohit has scored 830 runs in 29 T20s at a strike rate of 148.74. In the same period, Kohli has scored 504 runs in 18 matches at a strike rate of 130 and KL Rahul has scored 523 runs in 16 matches at a strike rate of 131. But, Suryakumar is far ahead of this trio in terms of strike rate and runs scored. Suryakumar has scored 837 runs in 28 matches at a strike rate of 174.

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