IND vs ZIM: How to celebrate Kohli’s birthday… what is Team India’s plan; Know 10 big things about Ashwin’s PC

New Delhi. India has to play its last match against Zimbabwe in the Super-12 round of T20 World Cup 2022 on Sunday. This match will be played in Melbourne. If Team India is successful in winning this match, then its place in the semi-finals will be confirmed. Before this match, off-spinner R Ashwin took a dig at the critics in the press conference saying that it is unfair to say that Team India did not raise the level of their game in this World Cup.

Apart from this, Ashwin spoke openly on many important issues apart from the preparation of Team India, experience of playing in Australia.

Let us tell you that 10 big things related to Ashwin’s press conference.

, What will be the team’s plan against Zimbabwe: R Ashwin said that no team can be taken lightly in this tournament. We know that we have to win this match at any cost. Zimbabwe has played good cricket so far. We can’t get off with the thought that if there is Zimbabwe, we will defeat them easily.

, Question on team performance: R Ashwin said, ‘So far we have faced a tough match in the T20 World Cup. The matches against Pakistan and Bangladesh went till the last ball. In such a situation, it would be wrong to say that the Indian team did not perform according to its stature and did not put full emphasis on victory.

, Virat Kohli birthdayToday is the birthday of the former Indian captain. On this, R Ashwin said that we cut the cake on Virat’s birthday and Rishabh Pant tasted it the most.

,Winning plan in T20: On this, R Ashwin said that in this format you cannot make any foolproof plan of victory. We can give 8-9 runs in an over and in the very next over a bowler can take one or two wickets.

,run out at non striker end: The issue of running out the batsman standing at the non-striker’s end is hot at this time. The ICC has also changed the rules recently. On this Ashwin said that to be honest, I would not like to be out like this. By the way, no batsman wants to get out. Whether it is lbw, bold or any other way. It is good that some players are coming out in the open and saying that they will not run out at the non-strike end. So being a cricketer, I will use it to my advantage.

,Ashwin’s reply on the match up: This off-spinner said about the match up that the players do not need to believe in the match up. As a bowler, you just need to be aware of the weakness of the batsman. This gives you a strategic advantage.

,Experience playing in AustraliaThis time the experience of playing in Australia is completely different. I like cold weather. But, this time the weather in Australia is completely different. This World Cup is special.

,Team working hard in fieldingRegarding the fielding of Team India, R Ashwin said that every player is working very hard. Whether it is ground fielding or catching. We took all the important catches in the match against Bangladesh. It feels good if this hard work is successful on the day of the match.

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,clash against zimbabweThe scope for error in T20 cricket is very less. The grounds of Australia are very big anyway and this season the fast bowlers are getting good help from the wicket. In such a situation, this match will be called equal. Your ability comes in handy in the big field.

,plan according to the situation In T20 format, the game changes in one over. In such a situation, any team will have to change its plan according to the situation. You have to keep an eye on the scoreboard and keep changing the bowling accordingly in the match.

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