India has scored 200 runs most times in T20, know the status of other 42 teams

New Delhi. At present, cricket lovers enjoy T20 International cricket, the shortest format of cricket, more than Test and ODIs. Because of this, an exciting competition is seen in a short time. The big shots made by the batsmen during the match attract the cricket lovers the most. Fans find the explosive innings played by the batsmen in the field more thrilling. He wants the match to be high scoring often and hit sixes and fours in the field. Talk about the major teams of the world who have crossed the 200 mark most times while performing well in the field, then their names are as follows-

Teams scoring 200 or more runs most times in T20 International cricket:

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1- India (26)
2- South Africa (20)
3- England (17)
4- New Zealand (17)
5- Australia (16)
6- Pakistan (11)
7- West Indies (10)
8- Sri Lanka (Eight)
9- Nepal (seven)
10- Ireland (Seven)
11- Afghanistan (five)
12- Czech Republic (five)
13- Bulgaria (five)
14- Malaysia (five)
15- Romania (Four)
16- Malta (four)
17- Austria (Four)
18- Zimbabwe (three)
19- Scotland (three)
20- Qatar (three)
21- Bangladesh (three)
22- Canada (three)
23- Papua New Guinea (three)
24- Kuwait (three)
25- Tanzania (three)
26- Netherlands (two)
27- Kenya (two)
28- Portugal (two)
29- Gibraltar (two)
30- Serbia (two)
31- Singapore (two)
32- Mozambique (two)
33- Ghana (two)
34- Oman (One)
35- Spain (one)
36- Namibia (one)
37- Bermuda (one)
38- Belgium (one)
39- USA (One)
40- Italy (one)
41- Japan (one)
42- Nigeria (one)

The record of making the biggest score in T20 format is recorded in the name of Afghanistan and Czech Republic. In the year 2019, the Afghanistan team scored 278 runs against Ireland in Dehradun at the loss of three wickets. At the same time, the Czech Republic team also scored 278 runs against Turkey in the year 2019 at the loss of four wickets in Ilfov County.

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