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India vs Eng: Indian players were dropping catches and clapping, this defeat will never be digested by a country that lives cricket

New Delhi: In the Adelaide ground, there was loud applause when Team India player Suryakumar Yadav dropped the catch. In fact, it was desperation and despair. This defeat was not digested by the country that lived cricket. What dreams did you have? Everything was ruined. They were clapping how badly you were playing. Neither your batting nor bowling worked. Eyes were stoned. No one has been able to lift the ICC trophy since 2007. Does anyone play like this? Was longing for a couple of wickets. A catch was also dropped on him. It’s too much brother. So what should the audience do? Will you clap?

You tell me what to do?

From morning it was in the hope that Team India would win. Had planned to come to office on Sunday. Rohit Sharma and his entire team destroyed everything. When Team India’s batsmen were batting, the ball was not coming on the bat. And when the England batsmen were batting, every ball was going over the boundary. We used to be with you in defeat, in victory. But does anyone play like that? The Pakistan which was in danger of being out of the tournament reached the final and you have made us like this here.

Tye Tye Fiss in the big match
Hey we are Indian audience. Used to praise you in victory. Surya, Rohit, Virat used to dry their throats saying. But you didn’t even give us a bit of happiness. Since 2007 hoping that you do something good on the world stage but huh hooh. You have just vowed not to win the big match. We are not saying that the figures are witness to it.

Lost the 2014 T20 World Cup Final
Lost in semi-finals of 2015 ODI World Cup
Lost in the semi-finals of the 2016 T20 World Cup
Lost the final of the 2017 Champions Trophy
Lost in the semi-finals of the 2019 world cup
Lost the final of the 2021 Test Champions Trophy
Lost in the semi-finals of the 2022 T20 World Cup

Bowed shoulders, broken hearts.. Boy-Boy Team India

Did you come to play?
When the players of Team India, one of the world’s greatest players, came out to play on the pitch, they were playing thuk-thuk. Even on the balls on which runs could have been scored, a run was being postponed. Hey brother you were playing T20. Here it is the first ball to give. England must have taught none. The England batsmen had ridiculed our spin bowlers. At the same time, runs were not being scored by the Indian batsmen on the spin bowlers of England. Where is it said that Indian players play spin bowlers well? Huh huh Sorry Rohit ji your team played very poorly. We were clapping on your defeat, so what is our fault in this.

learn from pakistan
There was a time in the tournament when Pakistan was on the verge of being eliminated. But the victory of the Netherlands and the defeat of South Africa opened the fortunes of Pakistan and there was no looking back from them after that. Pakistan showed passion and it benefited.

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