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It is difficult to score even 140-150 runs without Surya, Little Master warns Team India

New Delhi: Former batting great Sunil Gavaskar has said that Suryakumar Yadav has become the new Mr 360 degrees and if he fails, India will struggle to score enough runs. World number one T20 batsman Suryakumar has impressed in his very first T20 World Cup and his impressive performance in the Super 12 stage eased India’s path to the semi-finals.

In the final Super 12 match against Zimbabwe, Surya scored an unbeaten 61 off 25 balls. India Today quoted Gavaskar as saying, “In each of these innings, he scored 360 degrees. That’s the new Mr. 360 degrees. He hit a six off the wicketkeeper’s left side which was brilliant. In the final overs, he played shots taking advantage of the bowler’s angle. Also lofted cover drive, he has all the shots. He also played straight drive.

The former India captain believes that it is because of Suryakumar that India is being able to make a defendable score. Gavaskar said, “He is really becoming someone who is taking India to a score that can be defended.” The runs scored by India is the highest score in a T20 International at the MCG. Without his unbeaten 61, India would not have even reached 150 runs.

“If Surya fails, India will have to fight even to score 140-150 runs, so it is very important that Rahul takes the responsibility,” he said. Captain Rohit Sharma has also been battling for form and has managed just 89 runs in five matches, including a 53 against the Netherlands. Gavaskar said, ‘Hopefully he has his runs saved for the last two matches. This will be the biggest match. In a group match, you know there will be another match, so sometimes you try too hard and get out.

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