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Kainat Imtiaz Babar Azam: After all, who is this beautiful Pakistani cricketer, who killed Babar army in 3 words!

New Delhi: After the defeat of Pakistan cricket team against India, there has been such a defeat against Zimbabwe that it is not even getting a place to hide its face. On one hand the former cricketers are lagging behind, while on the other hand the fans are abusing them by drinking water. Overall, Babar Azam’s army is on the back foot. The male cricketers were still behind, on the other hand a Pakistani female cricketer posted a picture and wrote 3 such words, which are enough to directly tear down Babar Azam’s team.

One of the beautiful cricketers of Pakistan, Kainat Imtiaz wrote – Visualize, Focus and Execute. After this people started cursing the men’s cricket team. One user wrote – Explain something to Babar Azam’s team too. A female user wrote – You forgot the blame (targeting Pakistan men’s team).

Kainaat has a huge fan following in India. There are definitely comments from India on every picture of him. People have responded on this too. One user wrote – The way to cross the border should be opened. Another user asked him if you were on Instagram too.

Another user wrote – If you had gone into modeling, you would have earned good money. Not only this, she can also be quite famous. It’s not just cricket for them. Let us tell you that Pakistan was defeated by the Indian team by 4 wickets on 23 October. After the thrilling defeat, the period of criticism of the Pakistan team started, then reached the climax after the loss against Zimbabwe. Even now videos of his criticisms are being shared.

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