Khelo India: These girls of Madhya Pradesh have come out to give new identity to Fire Malkhamb

Ratlam. pillar There is a game in which agile and agile youth often take part. This Indian traditional art is slowly disappearing in the noise of social media and video games. But these daughters of Ratlam have taken the initiative to save this art. These girls have broken the shackles of stereotypes even in less facilities pillar with fire But she is striking a wonderful balance.

We are proud of these daughters who sweat in winter on the basis of our own facilities. These hardworking daughters are the golden future of our country, who are laying the foundation of a golden tomorrow on their own. Ratlam’s Jawahar Gymnasium Every evening a group of these girls is seen performing tricks on the Malkhamb. In this group, girls of every age from young to old, on the strength of their hard work, are proving even the height of the pillar to be a dwarf.

The age of girls doing Malkhamb is only between 7 to 22 years
Now these girls have taken a step ahead and have enhanced the beauty of Malkhamb by creating a balance with the fire in the fire Malkhamb. There are girls from 7 to 22 years of age in the group of Malkhambs. For the last 3 months, she has been showing her jewels on the Malkhamb with fire. The target of these girls is to touch new heights of Malkhamb through Khelo India. Along with this, these girls want to make Malkhamb known all over the world.

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lack of facilities
Talking to Malkhamb players Ekta Solanki and Shruti Gupta, they told that they have nothing special in the name of facilities. Whatever is going on, the operators of the gymnasium are running it on their own. The trainers of this game tell that the girls have the urge to learn, but due to the lack of facilities, the speed of learning has been reduced. The discussion of the fire pillars of these girls, who are creating new dimensions in the world of sports, is in full swing.

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