‘Kiwi cricketers don’t get much money for playing in New Zealand, that’s why…’: Ross Taylor made a big statement

Auckland. Legendary New Zealand cricketer Ross Taylor believes that by the next T20 World Cup to be held jointly in West Indies and America in 2024, many cricketers from the current team who played in the World Cup in Australia will retire. New Zealand had to face defeat at the hands of Pakistan in the semi-finals. Many of the players in the current team are in their mid-30s and players are not getting much benefit in terms of money from playing for their country. New Zealand was the runner-up in the last World Cup in 2021, but this time it had to face a crushing seven-wicket defeat by Pakistan in the semi-finals.

Taylor said in his column for the ICC, ‘The New Zealand team did not prepare well for the World Cup. There were not many experts who were predicting us going past the Super 12 stage and making it to the Final Four. The semi-final against Pakistan was just another match for this team. The Kiwis didn’t have any good preparation for the tournament, but the way they played in the first match and beat Australia, it set their pace.

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He said, ‘This campaign exceeded some expectations, but it is difficult to say whether it was successful or not. One thing is certain that this team is getting old and how many of these players will be able to play in the next T20 World Cup, it is difficult to say. Taylor said, ‘Many of these players are 35, 36 years old and that is not much age … But in New Zealand cricket, our players do not get much money, so they can take a different decision about their career.’

He said, “Young players should be ready to take up the challenge when older players retire.” Taylor also said, ‘Glenn Phillips could not walk against Pakistan, but he was his player of the tournament in terms of New Zealand. This is an aging team. That’s why young players like Glenn and Finn Allen will have to take up the challenge when older players announce their retirement.

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