KKR fast bowler did not have spike, coach made him leave the field, had to leave the game

New Delhi. There was a moment in the life of fast bowler Umesh Yadav when he felt that he should leave cricket. Umesh Yadav, who had a hold on the bouncer with inswing and outswing, was very disappointed and upset by one thing said by the coach. The fast bowler talked about this movement of his life during an interview. Umesh Yadav will be seen playing for Kolkata Knight Riders in IPL 2023.

Umesh told that after seeing my game, he was asked that he would play for Nagpur at the district level. I was called to the camp. I entered the ground and went a little further to find the coaches there. When he asked my name, I told him. According to Umesh, after this the coach said – Spike… Then I said these are the shoes. The coach got angry and said to me, will you bowl like this? Will you bowl without spikes? Umesh told that the coach was very agitated. Worried, he said that he does not know from where he gets it. They do not even know what a spike is. Requires spike to play.

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The coach said, it is also known what is needed to play cricket. How many things are needed. They come with their mouths raised like this. Umesh said that after listening to the words of the coach, I became so frustrated that I felt that now I should leave cricket. At that time, friends explained to me that if I leave the game on these small things, then I will not get the chance that I have got.

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Difficult place in Ranji team
Umesh Yadav told that when I got selected in Vidarbha’s Ranji team, a strange difficulty came to the fore there too. The coach who sent me away for spike was also our coach in Ranji. They didn’t want to take me in the team. Then Captain Pritam Gandhe supported me. He told the coach, I have seen him bowling in the net. Bowls very fast. According to Umesh, Pritam Gandhe was the only person who recognized my talent very well and fought to get me a place in the team.

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