Mind will wander… Batsman was out of crease, fielder did run out, still umpire didn’t raise finger

New Delhi. Many times such strange incidents happen in the cricket field, which shakes the mind of the fans. Something similar happened in the first ODI between Sri Lanka and New Zealand at Eden Park in Auckland. In this match, Chamika Karunaratne was run out during the Sri Lankan innings. Despite this, the umpire did not declare him out. Knowing the reason for this, you will also beat your head.

This incident happened in the 18th over of Sri Lanka’s innings. Blair Tickner was throwing these overs. On the fourth ball of his over, Chamika Karunaratne played a shot towards mid-on and ran for the second run. The fielder threw towards the non-striker’s end. Karunaratne leaps to reach the crease. But, by then Tickner had blown the bells. Karunaratne was left out of the crease. But, the drama started after that.

Blair Tickner blew the bails. But the light did not turn on in it. For this reason, the umpire did not declare Karunaratne out. Even Chamika herself could not believe it. After this the TV commentator guessed that because the bells which Tickner had dropped earlier, its light was not lit. For this reason the umpire did not give out. The light came on only when Tickner removed the other bails and the stump.

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The stumps used in cricket are charged. Because of this, the light comes on when the bells are removed. But, Bells got discharged in the match between New Zealand and Sri Lanka. That’s why the light did not turn on even after the bails were removed from the wicket. When the light did not work, the batsman was not given out.

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