Mohammed Shami was in love with the cheerleader, the mother of 2 children, this is how love blossomed in IPL

New Delhi: Fast bowler Mohammed Shami is one of the senior members of the current Indian team. With his strong game, he has become a strong link in Team India’s bowling attack. Especially in Test and ODI format, his performance was very good. On the cricket pitch, Shami has undoubtedly raised the flag of success but his personal life has been very unsuccessful. Shami, who became a star after his stellar performance in Team India and the Indian Premier League, has been at loggerheads with his wife Haseen Jahan for a long time. Shami married Haseen Jahan in the year 2014. However, their marriage could not last long and both are now living separately from each other. Apart from the controversy between Shami and Hasin Jahan, the love story has also been very special. Actually, Shami’s first meeting with Hasin Jahan happened in the year 2012 during the IPL match. Hasin Jahan used to work as a cheerleader in IPL. Both got married after dating each other for two years.

In the year 2018, Hasin Jahan made many serious allegations against Shami.

After marriage in 2014, Shami and Haseen were living happily. In this marriage that lasted for four years, suddenly in 2018, Hasin Jahan made several serious allegations against Shami one after the other. As evidence, he also placed some of Shami’s chats in front of the media. In these allegations of Hasin Jahan, there was also a case of domestic violence, illegal relations and match-fixing. After this allegation, there was a catastrophe in Shami’s life.

On the other hand, Shami rejected all these allegations and said that he is being implicated under the conspiracy. The matter reached the court. Haseen Jahan’s allegations did not stop here, she also accused Shami’s mother and his brother of threatening to kill them.

Hasin Jahan was married earlier

When there was a dispute between Shami and Hasin Jahan, the matter of their already being married came to the fore. Before Shami, Hasin Jahan was married to a man named Sheikh Saifuddin. However, both of them got divorced in the year 2010. It is said that Hasin Jahan had two daughters from her first husband. However, she left her first husband to pursue a career in modeling. Hasin Jahan had studied till graduation and wanted to become self-reliant.

After her divorce from her first husband, Hasin Jahan also worked in some modeling projects and then joined IPL as a cheerleader where she met Shami and both fell in love.

Hasin Jahan asked husband for 10 monthly alimony

After the rift in the year 2018, Hasin Jahan Mohammed Shami demanded 10 lakh monthly alimony. Although Shami challenged this in the court. After a long legal battle, the court decided that Shami will have to pay 1 lakh 30 thousand monthly alimony. 50 thousand for Hasin Jahan while 80 thousand for his daughter’s expenses.

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